2017 Questionnaire Results and Report

We had a very good attendance at Wedmore Village Hall on Saturday the 24th June where we gave an update on progress on the Neighbourhood Plan since October 2016.

Visitors were able to see and comment on:

  • The results of the household questionnaire
  • The sites that have been suggested to us by landowners and developers

They also had the opportunity to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan with members of the Steering Group, whilst having tea and biscuits!

The group have produced a Summary of Results Report of the Questionnaire which you can download here.

There is also an analysis of the results  which you can read or download here

A note on the Weighting used in the Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan Survey Data

The Neighbourhood plan survey gave every adult (16+) in the Parish of Wedmore an opportunity to take part. However as in many surveys, those who do take part do not necessarily reflect the parish population as a whole. For different reasons some people are more likely to take part than others, for example during general elections older people are more likely to vote than younger people. This was the case in the Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan Survey.

If we leave the results as they are the voice of older people is going to be stronger than younger residents as proportionally more of them completed the questionnaire. However the object of the survey is to give an equal voice to all residents. In order to do this, the data has been weighted to better represent the population distribution. This is common practice in most surveys where the objective is to represent views of the whole population.  

We know the distribution of the adult population by age from the 2011 census, so we can weight the survey data to correctly reflect this distribution. Weighting gives a higher value to responses from those age groups under-represented, and visa versa for the over represented. This ensures that the findings reflect the opinions of the population as whole rather than just those who took part in the survey.

And you can review the presentation boards shown at the meeting here.

Calls for development sites