24th November Update Meeting Presentation

This update sets out what we have been doing since the June event and seek your views and consists of three topics :

  1. The Wedmore ‘vision’
  2. Emerging ideas on policies and
  3. The ‘frontrunner’ sites for allocation for housing.

Thank you to all parishioners who took the time and trouble to complete and return our offline and online Consultation Feedback.  This consultation process is now closed (with effect from 22nd December 2017).

Here are facsimiles of the presentation boards that are available for public viewing at this update meeting.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat to view (& print) each document)

  1. Welcome
  2. Wedmore Vision
  3. Transport Objective
  4. Housing Objective
  5. Economy
  6. Community
  7. Design
  8. Need
  9. Assessment 1
  10. Assessment 2
  11. Frontrunner sites
  12. Summary & Next Steps
  13. Update leaflet (this has a summary of all presentation boards & planned next steps)