October Meeting


Outcome of 7th October meeting

This event has now taken place.

We had more than 140+ people come along and give us their views during the day – thank you to everyone who participated in this valuable exercise.  We’ve also collected a number of views from the “Post-it” notes from attendees to help us with our deliberation.  We publish a summary of these views later,  if there is a positive vote to go ahead (see voting below)

Voting to continue?

We asked for participants who attended the actual meeting to cast their vote into a ballot box on whether to continue with setting up a Neighbourhood Plan (a simple “Yes” or “No”).

Voting closed @ 17:01 on 17th October.  The vote was overwhelmingly to continue.

Presentation Boards from October meeting


Information about the original meeting continues below:

When and Where?

  • Wedmore Village Hall
  • Friday 7th October 2016 from 2pm to 9pm

The Purpose of This Event

  • To find out if Wedmore Parish wants a Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

Why Prepare a Neighbourhood Plan?

  • Sedgemoor DC supports Neighbourhood Plans, because they will select sites to build more homes over the next 15 years
  • How? By offering communities the ability to decide where they should be built, but not whether they should be built; and by getting communities to do the work.

Tell Us: Does Wedmore Need a Neighbourhood Plan?

  • At the end of this exhibition, you can mark a voting slip ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

If there is a majority vote for ‘Yes’ our next event will be to:

  • Set out the facts
  • Invite residents to express their concerns, issues and solutions for their community.