What can an NP achieve – HOUSING?

What can a Neighbourhood Plan achieve or not achieve for HOUSING?

Can achieve:

  • Identify, via consultations and surveys, the types, sizes and designs of houses our community will need over the next 15 years
  • Determine which sites are allocated
  • Determine whether new allocations should be on small, medium or larger sites:
    • Sites of 10+ houses must also deliver Affordable Housing; sites of under 10 houses do not need to deliver any Affordable Housing
  • 25% of the Levy (CIL) paid by the developer goes to the community – the community will have a key role in identifying the local projects, via the Neighbourhood Plan.

Can’t achieve

  • Any reduction in the minimum number of new homes to be built in Wedmore, as laid down in Sedgemoor’s new Local Plan
  • Require Affordable Housing on sites of under 10 homes.