“Regulation 14 Consultation”

WNP: Where are we now?

Following the decision of Wedmore Parish Council to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan in 2016, the Neighbourhood Plan Group has produced a number of documents which were consulted on in October 2016, June and November 2017 and May 2018. At each stage, we have listened to your comments before progressing to the next stage of the plan.

We have now reached a milestone called the ‘Regulation 14’ consultation which is the first statutory consultation. This ran from the 14th July to the 8th September 2018.

We allowed a longer period for responses since the consultation included the summer holiday period.

The attached leaflet provides a summary of the current version of the plan.

You can see  and download the full document here (for free) or you can purchase a printed copy from the Parish Council for £5.

The supporting maps can be downloaded by clicking these links:

  1. Wedmore
  2. Blackford

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