WNP – Heritage Assessment – August 2018

A Heritage Assessment has been produced to support the Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan. It was instructed as a result of Historic England’s SA screening objection and hence this report post-dates the pre-submission draft of the Regulation 14 Plan (July 2018). It has been prepared by Kim Sankey BA(Hons), DipArch, AADipCons,RIBA.

The report therefore:

  • undertakes a Heritage Assessment of Wedmore in general and the proposed Regulation 14 allocations in particular, and
  • provide professional advice to the Neighbourhood Plan Group that the submission plan needs to be amended to reduce the capacity of Westholme Farm to 11 units and a reference to NPPF para 129 needs to be added to all the housing allocations.  Taken together with other recommendations this will appropriately mitigate any heritage impact.

You can download the Wedmore NP Heritage Assessment Final